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On November 15th 2019, it was 60 years ago since the first airframe, a Yukon CC-106 model, took the skies. This year, 2020, Followed by the Prototype D4
Swingtail m
odel on its first flight November 16th, 1960, a new family of advanced cargo transportation aircraft was ready
for a successful role in the, at that time, booming Air Cargo industry.

This website is created to keep the memories to this famous aircraft type alive and to get in touch with all who would like to share their memories
and memorabilia from the time these swingtail freighters were seen all over the globe.
I hope you will enjoy this site, and if you have you have a former association with the CL44, please send me an email.

Your comments and contributions, no matter how small, are really appreciated.
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About the author of these pages:
Hello, my name is Peter van Leeuwen-Casell and the Canadair CL-44 has been my, by far, favourite airliner since 1980.
Since then I collect slides, photographs, models and informations around this swingtail freighter. My aim is to keep the memory to this elegant freighter alive, preserve and archive all kind of CL44 related matters and support any initiative or publication with informations and photographic material.
If you need any help, information or photographs, please contact me.

Early 1999, during a sponsored trip to Greensboro, NC - Thanks to UNITED AIRLINES - I was able to record the last CL44's in the USA.
I was even donated a real CL-44D4 - c/n 18 N122AE (ex N448T, G-AXAA) was donated to me by the Piedmont Triad Airport Authorities.
Unfortunately the airplane was re-posessed after 3 months and scrapped due to Airport development plans. She was in the way...What a Tragedy!


If you find any incorrect or incomplete data or misjudged comments, please contact me with your corrections/comments.
I am also always keen to hear from you with your stories, pictures and interesting matters to be displayed and enjoyed on this site.
Your help is needed to keep this bird alive !
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