Serial #8 Type CL-44-6 / CC-106 Yukon

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Registration Date Event Operator Remarks
15928 04.01.1961 First flight Canadair Ltd.
15928 27.04.1961 Delivery to the RCAF RCAF 437 Sqn.
15928 01.02.1968 Operator changed name Canadian Armed Forces 437 Sqn.
106928 26.05.1970 New registration Canadian Armed Forces 437 Sqn.
18.11.1971 New owner Beaver Enterprises Bought by broker and stored in Montreal
LV-PRX 01.01.1972 New owner TAR - Transporte Aereo Rioplatense Registration only used for delivery
LV-JZB 01.01.1972 New registration TAR - Transporte Aereo Rioplatense
LV-JZB 03.11.1973 Leased AER - Aerotransporte Entre Rios
CX-BKD 03.11.1978 New owner ALAS Uruguay Cargo
CX-BKD 10.10.1979 Written off ALAS Uruguay Cargo
The right maingear failed to lock down prior to landing. The gear was recycled several times and a 'bogie test' was tried. The gear then indicated down and locked. After touchdown the aircraft tended to veer to the right and the right maingear slowly collapsed. The right wing struck the ground, causing the Canadair plane to veer right off the side of the runway. The left gear and nosegear immediately sank in soft ground next to the runway; the aircraft thus came to rest with the tail and part of the left wing still on the runway. Lack of aircraft recovery equipment at Carvasco made it impossible to remove the aircraft from the runway. Engines, instruments and other equipment were removed and the tail and nose were cut off. The remainder was then set alight. The aircraft was deliberately destroyed in an attempt to clear the runway. It was therefor not possible to ascertain the cause of the accident.